BIPV – mechanically fixed

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Integrated with the building wall, individually designed BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) ventilated facade system for mounting photovoltaic panels on the facade.

The BIPV 01 system designed and manufactured by AGS is characterized by the use of point profiles enabling the installation of a facade system dedicated to frame modules in a vertical orientation. Fixing is done using mechanical methods using screws, rivets and anchors (4 fixing points per 1 panel vertically).

The BIPV 01 system allows for the installation of photovoltaic panels on the facades of tall and high-rise buildings.

The design ensures compliance with the most stringent legal requirements thanks to the use of the highest quality assembly elements.

The most important features of the system from the Investor’s point of view include:

  • non-flammability of AGS fastening materials,
  • qualification of AGS systems as NRO – not spreading fire,
  • air circulation thanks to a 20 mm ventilation gap,
  • meeting the new requirements of the Technical Conditions related to the heat coefficient (Ucmax = 0.20 W/m2⋅K),
  • meeting the requirements of §225 of the Technical Conditions regarding facade cladding not falling off within 120 minutes,
  • corrosion resistance up to environmental corrosion class C5.

System components:

  • consoles (Stainless HI, Stainless HI+ 2 mm or 3 mm, Magnelis® HI+),
  • vertical aluminum T profiles,
  • W1 point profiles with rubber band,
  • continuous angle profiles with special milling for W1,
  • mechanical protection of the element.