Competitive advantage

Fire tests


The limited liability company AGS Sp. z o. o. is engaged in designing and production of innovative ventilated facade fastening systems, unparalleled in the market. The offered passive solutions are distinguished with durability, and first of all, with safety, confirmed with numerous certificates and tests conducted in the leading research units.

All fastening systems meet the fire prevention requirements, standards of durability taking into account the corrosivity category of the environment, as well as the instructions of the Technical Conditions that should be met by buildings and their location in the scope of thermal insulation of the walls, taking into account thermal bridges.

Innovative and optimized production process allows AGS to offer the most competitive pricing for passive fastening systems today.

Custom-made production of all facade elements, provides customers with cost optimization at the level of 20-30%.

Three modern production lines, they allow you to become independent not from external contractors.

Competitive prices thanks to cooperation with Energy5 and the implementation of a common purchasing policy. Thanks to the higher volume of orders, AGS achieves the best raw material prices.

Passive solutions, made with the use of an innovative metallic coating, guarantee protection in even the most aggressive environmental conditions up to the corrosion class C5.