Cookie files policy

Information on cookies

Cookies are used for correct functioning of the website and for the greatest comfort of its use.


Cookies are IT data. When viewing certain websites, the browser saves small-sized text files on a hard drive of your computer (or other device).

What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used in order to adjust websites to preferences of their users. These files also allow to create statistics, used for improvement of websites and their contents. Cookies are used for advertising purposes as well.

Which cookies are used?

Two kinds of cookies are used – “permanent” or “session”. Session files are temporary files that disappear at the moment when a given page is left or when a browser is deactivated. Files are saved on a device for the time defined in browser settings or until they are manually deleted.

Blocking cookies

Most of the Internet browsers informs how to block cookies, to delete cookies already saved or how to get information on new files. Detailed information can be found in your browser settings. However, you must remember that their total blocking will hinder use of most of the websites.