Brackets for ventilated facades

Brackets for ventilated facades have a structural function; they transfer vertical and horizontal loads.  There are two kinds of brackets:

  • Load-bearing brackets that transfer horizontal and vertical loads, are fastened with two anchors.
  • Wind brackets that transfer horizontal loads, connected with pressure and suction force. Mobile brackets stabilise substructure, they are fastened to profiles with one anchor.

We only manufacture passive brackets, i.e. the steel brackets with anti-corrosive coating Magnelis® and stainless steel brackets characterised with substantially better parameters of thermal insulation of the external space dividing elements than the aluminium brackets.

The most important features of AGS brackets include:

  • meeting of new requirements of the Technical Conditions connected with heat coefficient (Ucmax = 0,20 W/m2⋅K);
  • meeting the requirements of §225 of the Technical Conditions of the buildings in the scope of not falling off of facade claddings in the time period as long as 120 minutes;
  • resistance to corrosion owing to the application of an innovative anti-corrosive coating Magnelis®
  • National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2017/0097.

These parameters make AGS brackets substantially better than the products offered by other companies. Their adequately designed structure and their material – stainless steel or black steel with anti-corrosive coating guarantee their best characteristics. Fire resistance is confirmed, among others, by tests in the Building Research Institute which prove not falling off of the elements of facade cladding in the time of 120 minutes – i.e. for the period two times longer than required by the laws.

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