Brackets with anti-corrosive coating Magnelis®

Brackets Magnelis® HI+

Passive brackets from black steel S320 GD with metallic coating Magnelis® constitute the most competitive solution in the market of brackets – both in terms of quality and costs!  The excellent chemical composition of anti-corrosive coating ensures the top level of protection of surface and cutting edge, even in the most aggressive environmental conditions to the environment corrosivity class C5! Owing to the specially designed structure of AGS brackets and the application of additional openings in them, the brackets are characterised with exceptionally low thermal conductivity coefficient, which allows to obtain very good insulation parameters of the building and to eliminate point thermal bridges. They conform to alkali building materials, such as concrete or mortar.

AGS facade brackets were designed in such a way, so as to allow for application of any heat insulation under the facade – irrespective of its density. AGS building connectors substantially limit cold transfer to the inside of the building.

The solutions are characterised with corrections for point thermal bridges on the level U=0,002 W/m2*K for wind brackets and U=0,006 W/m2*K for load-bearing brackets. AGS company also produces brackets for ventilated facades with non-standard dimensions, adjusted to the specific design and expectations of the Client.

In connection with the growth in prices of aluminium, aluminium brackets became expensive. Learn about the prices of brackets with anti-corrosive coating under ventilated facades!