Passive brackets

Passive brackets are fastening elements for ventilated facades, brick veneer walls and heavy-weight claddings. Owing to the specially designed structure of AGS brackets and the application of additional openings in them, the brackets are characterised with exceptionally low thermal conductivity coefficient, which allows to obtain very good insulation parameters of the building and to eliminate point thermal bridges. Brackets of AGS are offered in the following outreach: from 120 mm to 290 mm (120,140,170, 210, 250, 290), and the width of 70, 100, 130, 160,190.

AGS also produces brackets with non-standard dimensions, adjusted to the specific design and expectations of the Client.

Thermal insulation

Arrangement of isotherms

We offer two kinds of brackets:

Load-bearing brackets (fixed) – they are used for transferring of vertical and horizontal loads, connected with load of cladding, wind pressure and suction. Brackets are mounted to profiles with two anchors.

Wind brackets (mobile) – they are used for transferring of horizontal loads, connected with wind pressure and suction. The brackets stabilise the substructure and they are fixed to profiles with one anchor.

AGS offers brackets from stainless steel and brackets from black steel, covered with innovative anti-corrosive coating Magnelis®. Its application guarantees anti-corrosive protection even in aggressive environmental conditions up to the corrosivity class (category) C5.