EU Projects

Project with EU support

Launching of building connectors with improved thermal parameters for fastening of heavy-weight facade elements

The purpose of the project is implementation to the product offer of AGS of connector elements, developed in the scope of research and development works, significantly improved, for  application in heavy-weight cladding (connectors for lightweight cladding applications were developed and implemented in the company beforehand), dedicated to solutions of energy-saving of large-dimension building industry.

Total value of the project: PLN 1 544 929.20

Amount of EU co-funding: PLN 654 202.20

Project with EU support

Implementation of the results of R&D works for significantly improved building connectors

The purpose of the project is implementation of R&D works ordered to a scientific unit in the scope of development of modern building connectors based on innovative materials and structural solutions. The result of provided R&D service is the product innovation – a group of innovative fastenings with distinguishing pressings and perforation. The project will consist in purchase of laser cutting process line, necessary for start-up of production of innovative products.

Total value of the project: PLN 2 219 519.63

Amount of EU co-funding: PLN 849 983.65


Project with EU support

The company AGS Sp. z o. o. received funding for the project called “Optimising structure and properties of modern building connectors based on the research and development works carried out for AGS Sp. z o. o.” The project is co-financed from the EU Regional Development Fund in the scope of priority axis and “APPLICATION OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT WORKS IN ECONOMY” MEASURE 1.2 “RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY OF ENTERPRISES” OF THE REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR MAZOWIECKIE PROVINCE FOR THE YEARS 2014-2020.

It should be noted that the project was aimed at optimising of innovative solutions of AGS, dedicated to fastening of ventilated facades in the scope of load-bearing parameters and heat conduction of a connector. As a result of the above actions, reports from research works were prepared, conducted by the Warsaw University of Technology, also with participation of the Building Research Institute.